JEWS & BLACKS destroying White America: Fires in Richmond…


[Just in from a friend in the USA. If you have a black problem, its because you have a Jewish problem. Jan]

United Daughters of Confederacy headquarters on fire, 2 Capitol Police officers injured as violence erupts during second night of protesting in Richmond

1:40 a.m. update: The headquarters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was ablaze in the early hours on Sunday morning as protests raged in Richmond.

The Richmond Fire Department could be seen working to put out the fire, which appeared to cover much of the front side of the building, which is located on Arthur Ashe Boulevard between the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Virginia Museum of History & Culture.

Nine fire trucks and a police line three blocks long worked to assuage the fire and protect the building.

Graffiti covered much of the building’s facade: “f— racists,” “police are creepy,” “stole from us,” and more.

On the front steps, the word, “abolition.”

Nearby, graffiti covered the Stonewall Jackson statue on Arthur Ashe Boulevard and Monument Avenue, where protesters had gathered earlier in the night. The nearby Robert E. Lee memorial and was also covered in graffiti.

A CVS pharmacy also nearby showed shattered glass windows and front doors. Graffiti covered the side of Whole Foods on Broad Street near Boulevard.

The Richmond Fire Department tweeted that they battled two fires Saturday night/Sunday morning. The one at the United Daughters of the Confederacy by the VMFA and the other at VCU’s Rhodes Hall on the 700 block of West Franklin Street.

"Both fires are now under control and were on the exterior only," the fire department tweeted around 1:30 a.m. "Crews are being extremely cautious as they’re potentially intentional."

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