21 Photos: Communist Fidel Castro with South African Jewish communist Ronnie Kasrils & Communist Nelson Mandela


[While working on a video I found a photo of the Jewish communist Ronnie Kasrils with another old communist shit bag, Fidel Castro, who sent 30,000 Cubans (probably more) to fight in Angola – a wonderful jewel that the Portuguese lost in Africa. One of several tragedies for us whites.

I also found some photos of another old communist shit bag, Nelson Mandela with Fidel Castro. I think these photos were taken in 1991. One old piece of communist rubbish along with another. Don’t miss my video that I did about how JFK was defeated with Russian nuclear missiles. In there I discussed at length the mystery of why Castro survived 638 attempts on his life by the CIA.

Nelson Mandela was very firm in his support of Cuba even though it angered the USA. He refused to budge on the matter. So here are our happy ENEMIES celebrating together!

The photo I wanted to show you was the Jewish communist Ronnie Kasrils with his boasting book: Armed & Dangerous. This was about his undercover communist work to destroy white rule (aka Apartheid). In there he boasted of building bombs and blowing stuff up in South Africa in the 1960s. In the photo below is Kasrils showing off his book to communist shit bag Fidel Castro, below.

Here’s another photo and in here we see TWO majorly important Jewish Communists side by side: Joe Slovo and Ronnie Kasrils. Both went on to become Ministers in the South African Govt can you believe? I’m glad to report that Slovo died of cancer. But Slovo was the most important man actually. He was a Colonel in the KGB and he was the No 1 man in Africa directing the “Liberation wars” against the whites here!

Then while I was hunting around, to my amazement, I found an article that I’d written in 2005 on AfricanCrisis which had been reproduced in its entirety on another website. So here you can catch a glimpse of my viewpoints 13 years ago before I woke up to Jews. But in this article you can see that I finally found a JEWISH COMMUNIST and I mentioned him. But when I spoke to my Jewish friends they said that Kasrils is NOT A REAL JEW! And like the dumbass zombie that I was, I fell for it! It was one of dozens of Jewish lies I fell for. I had a real JEWISH COMMUNIST IN MY GRIP and I fell for the Jewish lies that Jews say he’s not a real Jew. And I’ll return to this topic later. But here is the full article from my original website with the URLs. This was before it was shut down the first time, by Readyhosting.com who harrassed me over my farm murder photos.

Notice too how the Jewish Communist Kasrils even gets to meet the Queen of England! (Another communist-loving Jewish country! The whites there need to free themselves!).

You will see me even referring to Kasrils as a “white communist” … in my dumb days I thought Jews were white! We’ll return to Kasrils again and the lies the Jews told me, because Jews slip believable lies under our noses hundreds of times without us even noticing it!

Here’s the article in its original form:

source: http://www.africancrisis.org/ZZZ/ZZZ_News_006612.asp

From the News Archives of: http://WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org

Date & Time Posted: 11/19/2005 18 Photos: A Rabid Pro-Mugabe Jewish Communist

  Here is something which I hope will be an eye-opener for many people especially those living outside South Africa.

I differ with many people regarding Jewish Communists, and that is because there is a difference between Jewish Liberals and real Jewish Communists. Of course, Liberals these days, especially in America, are hardly distinguishable from Socialists and even outright Communists – so I will admit that the ideological lines are blurred.

Let me show you a rabid communist of the worst kind. He is Ronnie Kasrils, the Minister of Intelligence here in South Africa. He is a communist right to his core. He is a member of the South African Communist Party. In recent years he was the General Secretary of the South African Communist party. Both Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki have had him in government. As with many communists who belong to the SACP, he stands for election on an ANC ticket. In my view this is an abuse of democracy.

He was the Deputy Minister of Defence from 1994-1999. Then he became Minister of Water Affairs & Forrestry (1999-2004) – but don’t be fooled. While the propaganda is that he was bringing water to the poor Blacks – the other side of the coin is that he and his ilk made life difficult for White Farmers who were using water to irrigate crops. To the communist mind, a White farmer is a criminal when he uses water to grow food (in a semi-arid country like this). Thabo Mbeki put him in charge of Intelligence – and for me that’s a scary concept – having this type of hard core communist in charge of such things.

Ronnie Kasrils spent a lot of time in the Soviet Union. He even learned to speak Russian.

What brought Kasrils to the forefront of South African news this week was the following event: Kasrils, representing South Africa, signed a co-operation deal with Zimbabwe’s Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi. You can see the two of them below:

(Source: The Citizen – 19 November 2005)

Kasrils – commie that he is – went on to praise Zimbabwe’s 25 years of “great achievement”. Kasrils could not heap enough praise on the rotten Marxist Mugabe Regime.

Eventually a journalist dared to mention Zimbabwe’s despicable human rights record. Kasrils raised some eyebrows with his intolerant behaviour towards the journalist.

Let me show you some of this communist’s credentials.

Kasrils wrote a book which was first published in 1993. It is called: “Armed & Dangerous”. For those interested in Kasrils, the ANC, or the S.African Communist Party and their links to the Russians & Cubans, this book is worth the read. It contains lots of information. Of course, I question his truth in certain statements. Nevertheless, he is relatively open, supportive and proud of his communist pals.

Back in the early 1990’s, I was interested in the communists and what they intended doing to South Africa. So I phoned the South African Communist Party itself to get a subscription to THE AFRICAN COMMUNIST. They put me through to none other than Ronnie Kasrils. For 20 minutes or so, he and I had a great chat. I told him I was a budding communist and fascinated in learning all I could about communism and I wanted to subscribe to their journal (The African Communist). He arranged that. At the time, he also boasted about his book, and recommended that I buy it and read it. I did not. But last year, when an updated version of it came out, I did buy one.

I scanned some images from that book so that you will get a chance to learn something about a hard core communist directly from his communist perspective.

I should point out that the book contains all sorts of interesting info. Over the years on the Internet I have been attacked many times by African Americans (who are under the false impression that they are all-knowing when it comes to things African). African Americans have often told me that the Wars of Liberation in Africa were really carried out by blacks who were sick of White rule. The African Americans refuse to believe that Russians and other Communists actively came here and trained, armed and supplied communist weaponry to blacks. Or that their pilots came and flew sorties against the South African Airforce, etc. These highly ignorant African Americans should, as the first step in their education start by reading Ronnie Kasrils’ book: Armed & Dangerous. The latest updated edition has 8 new chapters in it. And in there you will see how these communists flew around and interacted. You will learn how the Russians were stationed in Angola. Or how black and white communists and “Freedom Fighters” were taken to the Soviet Union.

Other things of interest were some of Kasril’s statements regarding Marx and that the Russians were shocked to find that by the 1980’s they were economically backward compared to the USA. Their Marxist theories had led them to believe they would outproduce and outperform against the West. There are some things, especially about the Soviets that Kasrils denies – and this is where I don’t believe him. But even so, the book contains a lot of information from a prominent White Communist who was involved in a lot of political trouble-making in his life.

Here is the cover of his book. Note the smaller inset photos showing him next to Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki:

Now take a look at the back cover of his book. Who is that next to him? None other than dear old Fidel Castro – another rabid communist – being presented with a copy of “Armed & Dangerous”! As I have been saying for a long time: Birds of a Feather…

You will also see on the back cover, that he was part of the ANC’s Armed wing, MK and the South African Communist party. This is just as we Whites have said all along – that these groups worked hand in hand – so closely. And it is our view that these Black Liberation movements belong to the greater brotherhood of communism & TERRORISM! (They’re buddies with the rabid Muslim Terrorists too).

Inside the book is an even more detailed photo of Kasrils and his buddy Fidel Castro.

In this close-up photo we see Kasrils standing next to President Thabo Mbeki.

And here we see him next to Saint Nelson Mandela.

This photo from Kasrils’ book shows him standing outside the Pravda Museum in Moscow during one of his many trips to the Soviet Union.

Kasrils is pretty proud of this photo. It shows him in a military uniform holding a semi-automatic weapon and alongside two other black officers in MK. The guy on the right was later killed by the South Africans!

Here we see Kasrils at a South African Communist Party rally in 1990. He is wearing one of those T-shirts the communists here in South Africa love so much. Many people don’t know that the South African Communist Party is the 2nd oldest Communist Party in the world. The only one older than it is the one in Russia – which Vladimir Putin and his buddies belong to – AND WHICH STILL RULES RUSSIA AND ITS “FORMER REPUBLICS” TO THIS VERY DAY!

Take a close look at Kasrils’ T-shirt and you’ll see the communist star, and inside it the old Soviet Hammer-and-sickle. The T-Shirt’s logo reads “Build the Party”.

Below is a photo of Kasrils with two other good buddies: Joe Slovo – another White Communist. For decades, Joe Slovo (on the left) was the White man who led the South African Communist Party. He was said to have the rank of Colonel in the KGB. He directed all the Liberation Wars in Southern Africa at one time. When the ANC came to power they made him the Minister of Housing. He died shortly afterwards of cancer. The fellow on the right is Jacob Zuma who went on to become South Africa’s Vice President under Mbeki but whom Mbeki fired recently.

And here is Kasrils with the Queen of England!

And with Bishop Tutu…

And with Al & Tipper Gore in 1997…

Here we see him with the Assistant Russian Military Attache to South Africa during a visit to a Russian Destroyer which was in Simonstown in 1997. I’m sure his ability to speak Russian came in handy!

Below is a fascinating letter from the FBI’s Director, Louis Freeh. Because Kasrils is a known Communist, the FBI at one stage was busy trying to entrap a husband and wife couple in the USA who were spying for the Russians. The couple were dedicated Marxists, and their hero was none other than Kasrils! So they sent him a Christmas Card one year. The FBI was watching all these goings on between these communists. The FBI then decided to entrap the couple. They faked a letter from Kasrils which suggested that the couple meet (in the USA) with agents of the South African Government. The couple hoped that South Africa would give them assistance in their spying activities on US soil. But these “South African agents” were in reality FBI agents. In this way, the couple were led into a trap and caught by the FBI. The South African Government then wanted to distance itself from all this, and it protested to the US Government. In his book Kasrils reproduces the letter of apology he received from the head of the FBI.

And here is Kasrils with Tony Blair…

Now I’d like to show you something interesting about a real communist. Even though Kasrils is of Jewish descent, the South African Jewish community don’t regard him as a true Jew. In fact, a Jewish friend of mine said that there is even a debate in S.African Jewish circles that a true Jew can’t be an athiest. They see Kasrils as an Athiest Communist and therefore some do not regard him as a true Jew.

Kasrils follows the normal (true) Communist ideology, of wanting to destroy Israel. In his book he writes at length about Israel. He is no friend of Israel. The cartoon below depicts him as trying to lead a rebellion against Jewish acceptance of Israel. He was largely alone. Most Jews refused to follow him.

Kasrils has even stood on street corners holding up banners and signs which are anti-Israel and pro-Palestine. The ANC, having its roots in terrorism, of course has close ties to other terrorist causes around the world (all of which probably have ties to the former Soviet Union which assisted them all). The ANC is very cosy with terrorists ranging from the PLO to the IRA. Here we see Kasrils in a “Yasser-Arafat-like” dress, addressing a “Palestinian solidarity meeting” in Pretoria in 2002. Being a true Communist, Kasrils wants to see Israel destroyed.

With regard to the agreement between South Africa and Zimbabwe: People even wondered whether it now means that South Africa will defend Zimbabwe Militarily. I have been saying for a long time that I believe this will be the case. If a Civil war were to erupt in Zimbabwe in the future, I believe the South African Defence Force will immediately go to Zimbabwe and fight to keep Mugabe and his cronies in power.

So there you have it. A short introduction to the life of a prominent White Communist who simply loves screwballs like Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe. He holds a very high position in this country, as the Minister of Intelligence. That should tell you a thing or two about this country, and the ANC who lead it, who have always denied that they have Communist ties and tendencies.

Source: http://www.vivamalta.net/VMforum/index.php?topic=1019.30