Zimbabwe report: British racist Katie Hopkins detained in South Africa for inciting racial hatred


[I laugh at this. This is what blacks call it when a white is busy trying to help other whites! This is why whites must ignore the bogus charge of “racism”. Whenever we whites work together or stand together the Jews, blacks and everyone will call us racist! Racist is merely their hate word for “white unity”. That’s all. So when you hear a white is being called a “racist” then smile and be happy knowing that yet another white person is doing something GOOD for whites!

So this is the report on a Zimbabwean website. It seems that because Katie was here, as were other Alt-Right people, to investigate farm murders, that the SA Govt detained her. That’s a first and its a great sign! It shows how irritated the black Govt is becoming. Jan]

You can read the rest on my AfricanCrisis website: https://wp.me/p9tDcf-Q5

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