Censorship Escalating: Natural News under attack – My Comments

[Them going after hosting and servers, etc … this is bad stuff. This is hitting way below the belt. Others like Alex Linder and I have been taken down multiple times due to this. This is an ongoing concern for me. One never knows when these SOB's will strike. The best thing to do is to spread the word while we also plan future moves in the event that we're shut down. Jan]

Emergency alert from the Health Ranger to all Natural News readers
Mike Adams Update from the Health Ranger, Jan. 21, 2020, 9:14pm

Natural News is under extreme attack from a new, highly sophisticated form of cyber warfare that we have not witnessed before. This attack began shortly after we posted our article documenting the FBI’s involvement in running the white supremacist front group known as “The Base,” which provided a convenient pretext for Virginia Gov. Northam to declare a state of emergency to disarm citizens at the recent pro-2A rally in Richmond.

This attack has resulted in a blocking of access to our own web servers.

This means we are currently unable to post new stories until this attack is resolved. Some stories posted over the last four days are also inaccessible. In addition to this sophisticated cyber warfare attack, we have also been subjected to phishing attempts that targeted the email inboxes of our staff members. Those attacks were thwarted.

It is clear that censorship in America is now escalating to the point where the hosting infrastructure of prominent independent media publishers are being targeted and attacked in order to silence independent journalism. It is no coincidence that Glenn Greenwald was also just recently criminally charged in Brazil, even as Julian Assange remains a prisoner of the global deep state.

The timing of this attack on Natural News should be understood as a serious warning that the deep state is planning to carry out an especially nefarious and treasonous operation against America while taking steps to make sure that independent journalists are silenced in the aftermath.

Pray for our safety. Pray for America. We are attempting to overcome this sophisticated cyber warfare attack and will post stories as soon as we are able.

– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

P.S. The stories and videos below were the last stories we were able to post before this attack. Keep checking back for updates on the NaturalNews website, if it functions.

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