Canada’s Contrived Immigration Chaos: Liberal Party Aiming for Permanent Hegemony by Importing a New Electorat e

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The hostile political and corporate elites in the United States and Canada are hell-bent on replacing their White citizens with denizens from the Third World. Canada’s federal Liberal party, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and America’s Democrats are birds of a feather: they are both using population replacement to ensure perpetual electoral hegemony. We are ruled by a corrupt political class that despise us. Our independence, insistence on self-reliance and freedom are an impediment to them. So much so that Trudeau would like to see a rapid acceleration of the great replacement of old stock Canadians. Despite a worsening Covid-19 public health crisis in Canada, Trudeau’s government would see immigration levels skyrocket over the next three years, with over 400,000 entrants being let in each year. Careful observers speculate that the actual number will be far higher.

In an article published in the National Post in 2018, immigration lawyer Julie Taub and intelligence expert David Harris make the assessment that the true purpose of the Liberal party’s reckless disregard for Canadian immigration law is to import a new electorate: “Why is Canada pursuing this kind of policy? Sad to say, the evidence speaks for itself. … Official Ottawa’s averting of its gaze from border breaching, is only one facet of a much larger political impulse. The impulse? To import, through legal and perhaps illegal immigration and refugee intakes, large numbers of future, grateful prospective voting blocs, contrary to Canadians’ national interest.”

In March, the US House of Representatives passed two bills, the Promise and Dream Act and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which will help to ensure that the immigration floodgates remain wide open. Similarly, just last week, on 14 April 2021, Canada’s federal government announced that it will “grant permanent residency status to more than 90,000 temporary foreign workers and graduated international students as part of its goal to admit 401,000 immigrants this year.” It has been a priority for the Trudeau government to increase the number of immigrants admitted annually: the annual intake of permanent residents has climbed from 241,000 in 2015 to 341,000 in 2019.

In March 2021, Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced that last year’s immigration levels will be increased by 117 percent to the highest rate in Canadian history. This year’s immigration intake will surpass the previous record of 400,900 immigrants set in 1913. The purported reason was to “accelerate our economic recovery.”

This recent intensification was foreshadowed by Trudeau’s initial immigration radicalism that began when he became prime minister in 2015. Candice Malcolm, in her book No Border, describes Trudeau’s immigration and refugee policies in detail from 2015 to 2019. During that time, Trudeau invited the world’s refugees to come to Canada on social media. On Twitter, the Prime Minister reassured potential newcomers that all would be welcome “no matter who they are or where they are from.”

Malcolm goes on to write that Trudeau refused to secure Canada’s border at the notorious Roxham Road illegal entry point; his federal government gave no heed to security concerns by allowing unvetted migrants from terrorist hotspots into the country; he championed the UN Global Compact on Migration and vilified journalists who questioned his motives; and declared Canada to be a “post-national state” with “no core identity, no mainstream.”

Why would this be? Academic Ricardo Duchesne states that there is no better agent of radical Marxist change than the malleable Third World immigrant: “Immigrants are not only a political force, but a demographic-racial force that will transform White nations into mongrelized post-national states without any common identity other than deracinated masses of consumers grasping for identities in shopping malls and university halls.” For Leftist radicals, like Trudeau and his minders, who are now in power, the White working class has been a remarkable disappointment. They worked hard and grew to love the countries they built; they did not want to see it all given away to foreigners who took no part in the decades of back breaking labor. And worst of all, they were not woke. They could care less about LBGTQ+ and are horrified by all the talk of White fragility. The only way to irreparably change the West, including Canada, is to import a legion of Third World immigrants who will slavishly vote liberal and let Leftists stay in power in perpetuity.

One of Trudeau’s most trusted cabinet ministers, Canada’s federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, recently described Covid-19 as an opportunity to reshape Canada: “I really believe COVID-19 has created a window of political opportunity and maybe an epiphany.” She was echoing similar sentiments expressed by Trudeau half a year ago at the UN when he spoke about the pandemic facilitating a great reset: “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. … This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems.” The pandemic itself and purported initiatives to stimulate economic recovery have provided the pretexts and smokescreen to open the immigration floodgates to the Third World even wider. And the same people who are obsessed with imposing lockdowns and destroying small businesses could care less about public health implications of their policies.

For the radicals now in power, it’s ideologically anathema for the government to properly screen travelers and secure Canada’s borders. Just like the Biden administration in the U.S., they just will just wave them in and claim the borders are under control. Nothing must get in the way of permanent hegemony of the left.

This has been devastating in the era of Covid, as provinces defer to Ottawa to “manage screening and quarantine provisions for cross-border travel.” Our borders remain open to pandemic hotspots like variant ravaged India because the current Liberal impulse to radically transform the demographic nature of Canada overrides the need to close our borders to foreigners who are potential Covid-19 carriers. Although completely insane in the current context, it is undoubtedly true. Trudeau and his chief deputy, Christia Freeland have said it themselves: Covid has presented a tremendous opportunity to demographically transform Canada no matter how many peoples’ lives are ruined, no matter the cost, and no matter the number of Covid deaths.

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