From Jan: Video Updates: Portuguese & a Dangerous Liberal Enemy of Whites in the USA


I will be releasing another video today. I’ve been running a bit behind schedule. Work on the bigger, more important videos has been taking longer.

The video about Angola and the whites genociding the blacks in reprisals is very important and I want to ensure that all the correct military conclusions can be drawn from it properly. This is critically important for us to understand for the future. While working on it I noticed something I had not noticed before which I want to discuss in detail in the video.

Having the correct military understanding of what happened and above all, what is possible is of immeasurable value to us in the future.

There is also the full audio of Kasrils that is important. I’m busy doing the final checking on that. Plus I’m slipping in a short video where one of our worst enemies a us professor talks about how she is monitoring whites on Facebook and why she sees telegram as a problem. These liberals are white hating liberals. They align themselves with communists easily. To them, the only enemy are whites. They use the term hate, but hate always means whites. Always. So today’s video will be going online. Please be patient for the Angola video even if it takes a few more days. It will be worth it. You will hear stuff like you’ve never heard before. What the Portuguese did is beyond belief. They hid many things under a blanket of secrecy and then they killed blacks in so many ways. You will be amazed and shocked at what they did and these were Christians. They were firm Christians but what they did is unprecedented. You will then understand why the Portuguese government never talked about this stuff. But for us, there are so many clear lessons that can be drawn that I can’t emphasize enough how useful this will be for our own military thinking. This can take us to the next level.

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