Britain: The Eternal Enemy of White South Africa! – Apartheid SA’s cross-border raiders – 1985

One of my South African supporters was telling me that he’s an avid reader of books written by the British SAS (Special Air Services) troops. He was telling me that in the 1980s the British sent their SAS to train the Botswanan army to be better prepared for when South Africa went on cross-border raids. I can’t find a full story about this. But I can show that my supporter is telling the truth.

On a website dealing with Elite British troops they have this entry which confirms what he was saying.

1985 – Botswana
Following a series of cross-border attacks by South African forces, B Squadron provide training to the Botswana Defence Force (BDF).

The only other thing I could find are some vague references in a page in this book. It talks about South Africa destabilising its (black) neighbours during the 1980s. They TOTALLY IGNORE the fact that all these black neighbours were themselves DESTABILISING WHITE RULED SOUTH AFRICA! All these neighbouring states allowed ANC terrorist scum to come into South Africa. But nobody mentions that! So when South Africa then goes across the border to smash terrorist bases, then somehow, this is a crime! Cross-border raids are a thing that began in Rhodesia and it was a very good, sound tactic.

Anyhow, this is just one more example of Britain helping the blacks against the whites. But there are more.

Here is a page from a book that mentions a bit of history from the 1980s:-


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