BREAKING NEWS: Latvia Wants US Troops, And Is Ready To Pay For Them – My Comments

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[I wonder what is going on? I certainly am pleased to hear that US Troops might leave Germany. I would be over the moon if they all left Germany. That would be fantastic. But I see that Trump has astounded people by saying he would remove 9,500 from Germany. Also it is to me as if Germany, generally, does NOT want to really be part of NATO. It seems there have been complaints that Germany refuses to spend the required amount on NATO. I can understand that. I think Germans have every right to snub their noses on NATO, which is nothing more than an Anglo-American alliance that once fought Germany. Furthermore, Germany itself fought Russia like crazy and now, after Germany's defeat, now the USA and UK pretend they are fighting Russia! I can understand German bitterness to NOT be a part of this. I wish, like the French, that the Germans can adopt a much more independent stance and policy of their own worldwide. I would be happy with that. I would also like to see European defence handled by Europeans. The Jewish-infested Anglo American world is a blight on the rest of our race. In this regard, the Europeans in general can stand taller. I do NOT like the idea of Jewish-infested UK and USA dictating things to Europe. The world was a better place when Europeans had empires and they sailed the seas. We need that again. Jan]

WASHINGTON: Latvia’s defense minister announced today his country is willing to house American troops if the Trump administration follows through on its decision to pull thousands of troops out of Germany, becoming the second NATO ally to ask for those troops to be housed within its borders.

“We are ready — and this is an official announcement — we are ready to invest to receive a certain amount of American troops on Latvian soil,” minister of defense and deputy prime minister, Artis Pabriks, said during a virtual event hosted by the Brookings Institution. The desired deployment would be the first large US basing effort in the Baltic nation.

“We are not trying to punish the Germans. We don’t want to compete [with them], but if it’s really inevitable then we are ready to receive you,” he added.

When asked what kind of US presence the Baltic nation wants, a Latvian official told me the country is open to either rotational or a permanent American presence in the country, noting there are already 1,500 NATO troops stationed at the Adazi military base. The official noted that the country also has a string of training areas that could be used for basing.

A Pentagon official said they had nothing to add to Pabriks’ comments.

The Latvian offer comes just after Poland said it would happily take some of the 9,500 troops President Trump wants pulled out of Germany. Late last month, US officials said Washington and Warsaw have already agreed on a location to base a rotational US Army armored brigade combat team. An administration official speaking with reporters on the condition of anonymity added the two sides “are in discussions regarding additional infrastructure to support the ABCT, as well as the combat aviation brigade and combat support sustainment battalion.”

The proposed reduction of American forces from Germany would bring the number of troops stationed there from 34,500 to 25,000. There is still no timeline for the withdrawal, and Pentagon officials haven’t divulged which troops would leave or where they might be reassigned. President Trump’s pledges to withdraw troops have not always come to pass, as evidenced most recently in Syria. The president has also mused about pulling some troops from South Korea.


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