Jews have got Americans very Afraid … Britain & Europe are even worse…

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In a discussion with an American Christian he said this to me:"Yes I know about this fear factor thing and it is sad for me to see. They’ve got people afraid to even breathe anymore and I hate it. I don’t think The Maker intended us to live in fear!"

I told him that it is shocking for me to see "in the land of the free" – which is the way I had always believed America to be, that this is what it’s come to. More than a year after my visit to the USA I still CANNOT get over the fact that Washington DC is so filled with blacks. It still leaves me reeling. I cannot believe it.

But Britain is even worse than America when it comes to fear. And in Europe, where people are sorted out quickly, I’ve noticed fear too.

In the end, this fear revolves around commerce and business and that’s ALL JEWS!

Jews have created a form of terror that exists across the Western world and it comes from the white elites downwards.

It’s shocking.

It’s even more shocking the bogus reasons so many good white people are in JAIL across the Western world. It’s DREADFUL … DREADFUL!

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