Books on Napoleon


Napoleon Bonaparte’s First Campaign (1895)

Sketches of the horrors of war : chiefly selected from Labaume’s Narrative of the campaign in Russia in 1812 (1818)

A narrative of the campaign in Russia, during the year 1812 (1815)

Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne (1812-1813)

Napoleon’s campaign in Russia, anno 1812

The exploits of Brigadier Gerard (1903)

Reflections on the war of 1812. With tables, shewing the numerical force of the enemy, when he entered Russia, and the losses he sustained in the subsequent battles and actions from the commencement of the campaign (1813)

1812: Napoleon I in Russia (1899)

The resources of Russia in the event of a war with France : with a short description of the Cozaks (1813)

Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Erskine on the present situation of France and Europe : accompanied by official and original documents (1815)

Napoleon and the grand army in Russia (1825)

An excursion in France, and other parts of the continent of Europe; from the cessation of hostilities in l80l, to the 13th of December 1803. Including a narrative of the unprecedented detention of the English travellers in that country, as prisoners of war (1804)

A narrative of the political and military events of 1815 : intended to complete the narrative of the campaigns of 1812, 1813, and 1814 (1816)

a statement, which was made in October, to Earl Bathhurst, one of His Majesty’s Principal Secretaries of State, and in November, 1814, to the Comte de La Chatre, the French ambassador, of Buonaparte’s plot to re-usurp the Crown of France (1815)

Napoleon at work (1914)

Napoleon’s invasion of Russia (1914)

Historical documents and reflections on the government of Holland (1820)

Napoleon at the Boulogne camp (based on numerous hitherto unpublished documents) (1907)

Napoleon’s campaign in Poland, 1806-7 : a military history of Napoleon’s first war with Russia, verified from unpublished official documents, with maps and plans (1901)

In the King’s German legion. Memoirs of Baron Ompteda, colonel in the King’s German legion during the Napoleonic wars (1894)

An exposition of some of the transactions, that have taken place at St. Helena, since the appointment of Sir Hudson Lowe as governor of that island (1819)

Memoirs Of Napoleon Bonaparte (1851)

Obergruppenfuhrer SS

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