Books Communist China’s National Strategy in Latin America (1966)


Communist China’s National Strategy in Latin America (1966)

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Since the Sino-Soviet split became apparent in 1960, Communist Chinese foreign policy throughout the world has taken an increasingly independent trend. In the underdeveloped regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America this new thrust has become particularly discernible. This thesis is an initial effort to define a probable Chinese Communist national strategy toward Latin America. Perhaps such an undertaking is premature, in that such a short time has elapsed since Red China generated its independent attitude. Perhaps the Peoples’ Republic of China does not yet have the capability to implement, or even the desire for, a separate national strategy in the region. This paper contends that they do. A review of the history of Communism in Latin America reveals early Chinese interest and activity. Allied with the Soviet Union in ideology and purpose, the Chinese have pursued an aggressive policy of organizing their limited strength and exploiting regional weaknesses. An examination of the contemporary Latin American arena, reveals fertile areas for further Communist inroads. To a large extent the Chinese continue their alliance with the Soviets in pursuit of the common objectives of weakening United States influence and expanding Communism in Latin America. However, the Cuban revolution and the increasing fervor of the Sino-Soviet dispute have interjected new and somewhat enigmatic dimensions into Communist regional strategies. Castro seeks to export the Cuban brand of revolution to other Latin American nations, and Castro- Communism coincides more closely with the Chinese viewpoint than with the Soviets’. Therefore, although apparently not inspired by Peking, the Cuban coincidence of purpose is a boon to the Chinese in their independent objectives of dominating the Communist movement in Latin America. An analysis of capabilities and intent concludes that the Chinese possess both the means and the will to pursue these strategic objectives in Latin America.

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