Boer War: Was Lord Milner, who orchestrated the genocide of Boer Women & Children – a Jew?

[One of my readers was looking at the issue of the Jewess, Milner, who is responsible for the criminal case against me, here in SA. One of my supporters raised the issue of Milners. See my comment below, because you won't find Lord Milner being mentioned as a Jew, yet, this woman who laid these charges against me, whose surname is Milner, IS JEWISH. So was the "British Officer", who orchestrated and was the real power behind the concentration camp genocides of the Boer Women and Children a Boer? Maybe… maybe… And it then begs the question: Was he a crypto-Jew since there is, to my knowledge, no overt mention of him actually being Jewish! Jan]

Eduard wrote this comment on my video:
Jan, watch your back for these evil scum of the earth. Who is this evil Milner bitch. Another filthy milner in our history is one too much.

My reply:
Eduard, you raise an interesting point re Milner. My Boer NAZI pal made the point that Milner was the real guy who orchestrated the genocide of the Boer women and children. And he says that Lord Milner might have been a Jew. Notice this Jewess’s surname is Milner. It was not a name I thought of, initially as Jewish. But there are so many Jews hidden among the English.

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