Black Africans with Nasty diseases in the West … TB a bigger killer than COVID could ever be…


[One of my readers posted this comment about TB. TB is a big thing, and in Africa, including South Africa, TB and AIDS go hand in hand. It is still killing people. The amount killed by TB is not that high in South Africa, but you are talking tens of thousands annually. Some of these illnesses from further north in Africa are ones I was not aware of. In short these blacks have huge problems, and it will only get worse, which is good. Jan]

The reader wrote:

And bear in mind that TB still kills 9% of all those dying in the world today from pathogenic disease, far more than COVID-19, whatever it is, and that 40% of all Indians have TB, the figure among Africans is vastly greater, with 5-10% of all TB carriers actually infectious at any one time.

Also consider that a minimum of Africans and Asians coming to the west are infested with untreated intestinal parasites. One study found that 98% of Nigerian food vendors in one area were infected with ascariasis worm alone, imagine having your food touched by one of them.

Also bear in mind that treatment for helminth parasites is notoriously difficult to obtain in the west, as is proper diagnosis, when around one third of the entire world population is infected with many types of different parasitic worms.

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