AWESOME: Hitler at work: White Racial NAZI hero in Italy! Spent 2 hours hunting and shooting Blacks!!

[Adolf Hitler is still working hard for our race even though he lives in Valhalla these days! We have a young Italian man who went shooting blacks for 2 hours. He didn’t kill any but he seems to have seriously wounded at least 5. To my amazement there is nothing further on the Internet since he popped the blacks on 4th February! That sucks! We want to hear about our LATEST WHITE HERO!! Damn them! They don’t like it when white morale is high and we’re going to go on the ATTACK MORE!!! We white men have enemies to kill and we need heroes to show us the way!! And Luca Traini is our latest hero!!

What is the most awesome is that he did this as a vendetta for a white teenage girl who was chopped up some days before! That is just fantastic stuff! A white man hitting back on behalf of a woman! Now that’s what our race is about!

So it turns out this Italian hero, Luca Traini was reading Mein Kampf! And Adolf Hitler was whispering in his ear! Nice White Teamwork! Jan]

You can read the story here:

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