Attention: New Comments systems installed on HistoryReviewed, AfricanCrisis & White-shop

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There are Jews who have referred to Whites as a Cancer. I look at Jews as a Cancer inside White society.

Finding an appropriate comments system for my websites has been much more complex than I believed at first.

I had received great advice about comments systems to use on the websites, but the matter became ever more complex the deeper I looked.

In the beginning my intention had been to just use Disqus like the Daily Stormer and Bitchute use, but there was controversy about it. When I investigated the technical issues, and the longer term issues, I began to scratch my head ever more.

In the end I did a really complicated, tedious and unprecedented thing, after several hours of studying the matter.

I decided to put a DIFFERENT comments system on each website so that I could observe it.

I chose the 2nd most popular commenting plugin for HistoryReviewed. It worked fine but then I realised that the REPLY button is not working when you are replying to someone’s comments.

In the end, I put Disqus on both HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis. Check it out.

Let’s see if the Jews manage to boycott it, and screw things up for us, or whether this works.

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2005: After White Farmers chased out: A Few White Farmers make Zambia BOOM!!
After Mugabe chased thousands of White farmers away, a few hundred went to other countries including Zambia. Those White farmers made entire countries BOOM!

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