Are there new alternatives to Youtube, Twitter, etc? – Some possibilities


Just a quick note. A friend in South Africa was sending around a list of "new social media" that we can switch to. I was taking a quick look.

There is – which is a twitter type of replacement. I don’t think it’s racial. It’s ranking is excellent though. It’s very close to our EXCELLENT bitchute. I don’t want to see Bitchute going down, and I think Bitchute is the best thing we’ve seen coming out of Jewish, anti-white Britain. But it’s nice to see some non-Mass Media, non-Jew owned media arising.

I’ve not used parler – but am interested in feedback.

The next one, for videos, which surprised me, is I checked and its ranking is lower than that of Bitchute, but it has reached a seriously high level. It is a player. I am not sure how censorship is there, but rumble could be interesting. Definitely it is getting serious amounts of traffic.

It seems to be the best thing that’s come along, in terms of traffic, that we’ve seen since Bitchute. So that is good.

Then there’s another one: Its ranking is quite a lot lower. It still has very far to go in order to become a "player", but it may have potential.

So those are 3 quick ones.

What I am liking is the fact that there is some choice, even though none of these are really racial, the key hope is that we see LESS CENSORSHIP. So this may be the end result of Youtube banning and censoring people … that now there are lots of offshoots and video platforms and hopefully they will grow. That is very important.


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