Sidney Powell, etc: Capitol rioters and coronavirus cranks to gather for two-day conference with new GOP candidate


An Oklahoma "edutainment" entrepreneur will gather conspiracy cranks, anti-science crusaders and Donald Trump’s election attorneys for a "Health and Freedom" conference.

Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood will appear with former Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn at the April 16-17 event at Broken Arrow’s Rhema Bible College, alongside notorious vaccine skeptics Andrew Wakefield and Charlene Bollinger, who spoke at the Jan. 6 "Stop The Steal" rally and said her husband stormed the Capitol.

California physician and infamous COVID-19 truther Simone Gold, who was arrested for taking part in the Capitol riot, will also take part in the event, which will also feature coronavirus contrarian Dr. Richard Bartlett and "Chicken Soup for the Soul" co-author Mark Victor Hansen.

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Flynn was in Oklahoma this week to endorse newly announced Republican Senate candidate Jackson Lahmmeyer, a right-wing pastor who will challenge Sen. James Lankford (R-OK).

"From November to Jan. 6, I watched our senator flip-flop like a fish out of water," Lahmeyer said. "It was absolutely embarrassing, and I saw fear all over him on Jan. 6. He caved in like an absolute coward, and that let me know he is not the man to represent our state in the fight our country is in right now."

Flynn appeared alongside Lahmeyer at his campaign announcement, which drew several hundred unmasked attendees, and said he became aware of the Sheridan Church pastor through his interview with Qanon conspiracist Ann Vandersteel– who will also take part in the two-day conference next month.

The event was organized by Jenks businessman Clay Clark, who runs the Thrive15 onine business school and made headlines the day before the insurrection by urging Trump rallygoers in Washington to turn and hug one another.

"It’s a mass spreader event," Clark said. "It’s a mass spreader event."

Clark has also sued to overturn health mandates aimed at preventing the spread of the deadly virus.


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