Angry American writes: What really happened in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s? … The JEWS were destroying Germany…


[This is a rant from an angry White American who was talking to others on a list. He also posted photos along with it. I'm just publishing the text. But I totally agree with what he says. The Jews, the JEWS … destroyed and tore Germany apart in the 1920s … and then a fantastic HERO named Adolf Hitler came and SAVED THE GERMANS … and would have achieved the greatest things, perhaps ever achieved by any White man who lived … if it wasn't for the filthy, despicable, Jew-loving, Jew-cow-towing British and Americans who teamed up with the Evil Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union and ended up destroying the finest people in Europe and in all of Western civilisation. It was backwardness that triumphed instead of greatness. Our entire race and entire civilisation has been collapsing ever since… Now we grovel to Blacks and Jews… How pathetic we have become. What a disaster for all of us! Everything you've heard about WW2 is an enormous Jewish lie! Jan]

This is what the angry American wrote:-

“What the heck happened to Germany in the 20s and 30s? Very intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad. And how did that happen? asked Malone.”

I’ll tell you how it happened you sycophantic fool – mass Judaism. At the end of WWI, Judeocommunists infiltrated and began their destruction of Germany . By the 1920s, the German people were starving to death under hyperinflation brought on by Jew bankers. Wealthy, parasitical Jews rode high on the wave of Germany ’s economic ruin. By the time Hitler came forth to promise he would fix Germany ’s Jewish induced problems, the German people were desperate for a solution; their country was in complete shambles.

Jews had debauched Germany to the point where mothers were selling themselves and their daughters on the streets so they could eat. Berlin was known as the city where every drug and sex perversion was available – for a price of course. Jews were clamoring to their brethren, “Come to Germany where you can buy a farm for a dollar!” One man wrote to his bank requesting his entire life savings be withdrawn and sent to him. The bank wrote back that his entire life savings would not be sufficient to pay the postage. Get ready because obscenely wealthy Jews are about to do it to us again.

Worthless Marks as fuel for the stove

A Single slice of Bread Costs 4.6 Million marks during Germany ‘s Hyperinflation in 1923

Children playing with stacks of worthless Jew scrip

Wagon loads of worthless Jew scrip

“Mass formation psychosis” is just more Jew psychobabble bullshit. It was parasitical Jews and their destructive nature that drove Germany into the arms of Hitler’s National Socialists. When the party did very well by the German people, the Jews had their British and allied attack dogs declare war on Germany so they could continue their predation upon the world.

Once again, Jews are driving the Covid madness through their complete subversion of the media. No Jews, no “mass formation psychosis” problems.

F*CK! I’m sick of idiots, knaves, fools, clowns and sycophants spreading the Jews’ thickly fabricated bullshit about history and the lies they tell about Hitler and Germany !

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