America’s 4 Great NAZIS who will remain legends in history: Rockwell, Pierce, Metzger and Klassen

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As I’ve dug deeper and looked at what the various American NAZIS got up to, I’ve reached certain conclusions. There is no question that the 3 greatest White Americans since WW2 were Rockwell, Klassen, Metzger and Pierce.

In Canada, Ernst Zundel is the greatest. Zundel changed Canada. He is a legend.

I need to look more into Metzger and what he did. I did speak to him before he died and chatted to him a few times. I even have unpublished chats with Tom Metzger. What I liked about Metzger was his technical brilliance. He was awesome in his own way.

As I am getting a chance to ponder the American NAZIS I’m able to start forming opinions. Each man is different. Each man has different strengths and weaknesses.

Rockwell had to be killed. The Jews were freaked out by his strength, his determination and his background. Rockwell was FAILED by American society and Whites. But Rockwell was the ORIGINAL PIONEER. He was the FIRST … and he remains unmatched as the FIRST. He was a MILITARY GUY, a WARRIOR but also a great speaker. In courage, Rockwell is unmatched.

The longest running NAZI, and the one who moved forward for DECADES and left a huge mark on America is Pierce. His greatest talent is his clever mind and his ability to continue onwards in such a way that he builds things up. I think his greatest feat was to create an organisation and to keep going. He was NEVER caught up in all kinds of weird stuff. He was CLEVER and the Jews could not nail him. The Jews might have poisoned him at the end.

I want to look more closely at the lives and writings of Rockwell and Pierce.

But I want to tell you about Ben Klassen. Ben Klassen is MASSIVE in his own right. I can see Klassen’s contribution, and his contribution is beyond America.

All the others ARE INSPIRATIONAL and had an effect beyond America and they helped all our race.

But Klassen has his place. Where he failed is that somewhere along the line his organisation collapsed. It’s the final years that are a mystery. But I will get to the bottom of it.

Ben Klassen’s GREATEST CONTRIBUTION is this: Klassen is the greatest thinker since Hitler.

His thinking and his notion of a RELIGION for our race – IS A WINNER. He has done something that is almost at the level of Hitler. Hitler was much greater, but Klassen is the greatest SINCE HITLER.

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