A WONDERFUL DAY: White Rebellion – South Africa: Government systems overloaded with HATE SPEECH REBELLION

Today was a damned good day. My weeks of hard work, along with lots of hard work by many others and by big organisations … and the South African Parliament’s servers were overloaded with incoming emails from people, MOST LIKELY MOSTLY WHITES ACTUALLY, putting in last minute HATE SPEECH SUBMISSIONS to this disgusting, filthy law that Jews and communists are behind.

The website, DearSouthAfrica which does petitions claims they are responsible for overloading the Parliament mailbox with 100,000+ emails today. They claim they crashed the server. I suspect they more likely just overloaded the mailbox and filled it to maximum capacity. People were unable to make submissions for quite a period of time.

THE SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT WILL F*CK THE WHITES OVER. So if DearSA sent over 100,000 submissions, then the Government will count it as one submission.

I will take this up with my attorney on Monday. We need to see to it that these bastards do not CHEAT and TRICK and LIE their way out of things like they normally do.

They need to be watched and opposed every step of the way.

I’ll ask my attorney on Monday what is possible.

For a small population of 4.6 million Whites – LOTS made submissions. They mustn’t f*ck us over.

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