A White American from the South writes to me about the Scots, South Africa & Rhodesia

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[I got this note. Jan]

Received on: 2018-02-13 :-

Hello Jan, I hope you receive this I’m a American White Nationalist from the southern United States. I have been interested in the events and the war on whites worldwide but in particular those that happened and are happening in South Africa and Rhodesia. As a son of the American South I feel a bond in particular with you over there maybe its the common blood that I share with Rhodesia in particular (my ancestors were nearly all lowland Scots and Anglo immigrating to the US I’m the mid 1700s). I want you to know that you make great content and hope that you continue to do so. Lastly I would like to help the Whites in South Africa in the best way I can including coming to Africa to help fight to secure the existence of whites in Africa and help defend them from the coming storm. I’m open to suggestions though on the best way to help. Best of luck, Keep up the great work and Hail Victory 1488! – E

I replied:

Hi E,
Thanks very much for your nice email. Its really awesome.

I have a big soft spot for you Americans in the south. I’ve been thinking of putting out stuff about the South especially Robert E. Lee whom I regard as the greatest American general of all time. He’s a fascinating man.

I think part of the downfall of the white race relates to the American Civil War.

I have tremendous admiration for how the South fought outnumbered 2:1 and how they fought a superior enemy. It is clear that the southern boys were as determined as the French during the Napoleon wars and as the Germans during both world wars.

The wars for the survival of our race are not over. Not by a long shot.

We had some Scots in Rhodesia. But can you believe that there are some Scots and even Englishmen who assimilated TOTALLY into becoming Boers? In my own family for example we have McLeods! A 100% Scots name. I knew McLeods who could not speak a word of English they could only speak Afrikaans! And ditto for some British too!

When whites work together nicely and they merge and assimilate together its awesome. I think that whites from South Africa and the USA are pretty much the same.

Its time to dump our tribal feelings and to focus on saving our entire WHITE RACE!

There won’t be a war any time soon. But things are getting tougher and tougher. All whites everywhere are under pressure.

A pal was telling me that the most homeless men in London are WHITE! He was telling me how life even there is getting harder and harder. Its a worldwide squeeze we’re facing.

The Jew is at work!



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