Your History Reviewed videos do not play on my device

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[A follower sent me this note. This may be a problem that affects some people. So my reply might be some help to any of you experiencing problems. Jan]

Received on: 2018-02-12 :-

Hi Jan,
Just to let you know that the video on the Rhodesian Bush War is not playing, nor is the backup one working. Would the problem be on your side or mine?


I replied:

Yes there might be some devices my videos don’t work on. But they should work on the majority of devices.

If you can’t play a video then the thing I need to know is what device are you trying to view it on? Is it a Phone or a PC? If it is a computer, what operating system are you running?

Also what Browser are you using?

Using different devices, operating systems and browsers will make a difference.

You can also download my videos directly on to your device. So even if you can’t play it directly in the browser you should be able to put it on your device and then watch it with a video player on your device.

I’ll also post my reply to you on the website for people.

I am aware that some devices can’t view the videos. It was something I was going to look into later. It becomes a bit technically complex to solve. This is why platforms like youtube, etc help to make it easier.

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