A Very Frustrated, Angry White American I’ve known for 20 years says: USA MUST COLLAPSE ASAP!

[I was chatting to an American I've known for almost 20 years. He's a really good guy and very clever. He has a high tech job and earns good money. He was telling me how sick he is of working. He told me how much tax he pays. He pays more tax than the money I used to earn in South Africa as a full time computer programmer. He told me he drives an ancient car despite his good salary. He is so furious. He wishes every day that the US would collapse. This is of course because the JEWS are driving WHITES down. I told him I know how he feels. I told him that my view here in SA is that I would like to see a place for Whites, and everything that does not belong to us should be BURNED DOWN or BLOWN UP! I think more and more Whites out there must be feeling like that about their countries. This is the result of JEWISH COLONIZATION and the Jews taking over all of society. This is a good sign. If he and I, normal Whites who never fired a shot in anger in our lives feel, then I'm sure many others feel the same way. It's WONDERFUL! Racial Telepathy! We all feel the same… and EVERY day LOTS more Whites must be joining our side. It's wonderful. BIG THINGS ARE COMING. We're a biological entity and it's a matter of time before we reach critical mass and we tear everything down. Just RED PILL as many people as you can and TAKE PART IN WHITE POLITICS. We need to build a NEW WHITE WORLD … where Whites can live and work and be happy and LOTS of little White babies are born! It will be AWESOME! Jan]

This is what the American wrote:
Jan — it’s honestly ridiculous. I’m sure someone has worked out the exact percentage that it costs to be a taxpaying white man in the United States, but once you add up everything (Medicare and Social Security [which you'll probably never get to use if you're not going to "retire" in the next ten years]), federal tax, state tax, sales tax, and of course the various "fees" for things like license plates, etc… you are definitely paying more than 50% of your taxes, even though the "official" tax rate for someone like myself is "only" 28% (which is still an utter steaming crock of bullshit considering "my" government actively works against the White working and middle classes of this country.)

The USA just can’t sustain itself. To all of these bastards like the shame Biden shadow government, etc who think they’re going to just replace all White men and run the country on blacks and Mexicans… LOL. Yeah, good luck with that. These parasites don’t even know how to function without their host body. Now they think they’re going to win WW3 against Russia and China with some gay military composed of mestizos and Affirmative Action hires. The whole thing is just a giant fucking joke and I root for its complete and total collapse every single day of my life.

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