5 Pics: White-hating Cuckold Leaders explain their plan for White-Genocide in their own words!

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Video: WW2: Waffen SS: We Dreamed of something MARVELLOUS
If all Whites understood what Hitler was trying to do, ALL Whites, everywhere would all have become NAZIS! In this video we take a look at the Belgian Leon Degrelle who became a NAZI and later an officer in the Waffen SS.

[Here’s a fascinating post from Ann Kelly who is always pointing out the hatred against whites. Some great quotes here from cuckolds who need to end their lives swinging on the end of a rope or being lined up against a wall. That’s the penalty for TREASON! And its well overdue! Jan]


We whites must see to it AT ALL COSTS that we SURVIVE and THRIVE into the future! And this, white people, is how the end should be for these filthy, arrogant cuckolds…

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Video: Weird Evolution: Blacks with Ostrich Feet: THE VADOMA TRIBE FOUND IN NORTHERN ZIMBABWE KNOWN
These Blacks have the weirdest, creepiest feet. This is in former Rhodesia.

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