4 Pics: Good News: Lots of pro- White South African farmer protests in Australia!

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Suicide Prevention South Africa
There is a SUICIDE EPIDEMIC among Whites in SA. There are a *LOT* of Whites, especially men, including young men, who don‘t see any hope for themselves in SA. These people do excellent work saving the lives of Whites, especially young Whites and giving them hope.

[One of my supporters in Adelaide, Australia told me that although its Australia’s smallest city, they had a protest for our farmers. He sent me 3 photos which he had hastily snapped. Below I’ve put links to other articles about protests in favour of white South African farmers. The support whites have had from Australia is great and it seems as if white South Africans who moved to Australia have used their influence to help us here! So its really been fantastic. Jan]

Here are other stories about protests in Australia this year in support of White Farmers in South Africa:-

SA farm attacks: Scores march in Brisbane to support refugee offer – https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/sa-farm-attacks-scores-march-in-brisbane-to-support-refugee-offer-20180325

Thousands attend Brisbane march to support SA farmer visas – https://www.thesouthafrican.com/brisbane-march-south-african-farmers/

More marches for South Africa planned in Australia – https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/more-marches-for-south-africa-planned-in-australia-20180326

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Video: SAs Whites Worst Enemies: Jews & President Ramaphosa Did a Black man convert to Ju
About ten or so years ago, my best Jewish friend one day told me that a very important black man has converted to Judaism but he refused to tell me the black mans name. This topic came up more than once, and he repeated this. Each time I asked him for the black mans name but he refused to give it to me. In this video, we look very closely at the extremely, uncomfortably close relationship between the President of South Africa and the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, the top Jew, in charge of the Jews.

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