Video: WHITE LIVES MATTER is being banned by (((Big Tech))) – My Comments

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Black Monday in 2017! The Biggest White protest about Farm Murders
128 Photos: The Day of White anger over Farm Murders! STOP KILLING OUR WHITE FARMERS!!! This was the biggest White protest in the history of South Africa. You‘ll be blown away by what Whites did that day!

[This is fascinating. And it's so obvious! Even Siri! Those White girls in the video caught this out! So this Black stood up a bit for Whites, and now this is banned. It's insane. But I'm loving the madness. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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100 Reasons the Jew Leo Frank Is Guilty of murdering the White Girl Mary Phagan
The Jews will never stop lying about and defending the filthy Jew Leo Frank. He raped and murdered this lovely young White girl. The White Americans, to their credit LYNCHED him hanged him from a tree. It was a wonderful example of Whites hitting back.

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