2020: The Stolen US Election – but exploring other possibilities… Did Jews destroy Trump?


I am personally totally convinced that there was an enormous trick that went down with Trump.

Now whether the Jews played a role in this, and to what extent, and EXACTLY HOW THE MECHANISM WORKED … is going to be interesting.

I am convinced that Jews played a role in this because they hated Trump. However, the next question is HOW DID THEY DO IT? Which mechanism or mechanisms were at work?

My own view at this point is that it is totally a rigged election. The exact nature of the METHODS of rigging will be interesting to see. It is very likely, perhaps a certainty, that this alliance of Jews/Liberals/Marxists drew heavily on proven election cheating tactics used in Africa and other communist countries like perhaps the Soviet Union.

For example, having additional physical votes is an old game and has happened in Zimbabwe and South Africa, but probably in a number of African communist countries like Angola and Mozambique too. I’ve just not studied the others. But I know of South Africa for sure. Zimbabwe has been incredibly consistent and unparalleled in its methods of refining election cheating. In southern Africa, governments like that of Angola and Mozambique have not lost an election in 45 years. So there’s no question about rigging. Even in South Africa there were incidents of rigging. Our last (treasonous) white president, FW De Klerk, even later, in a speech given in Nigeria, mentioned that in the original 1994 election, that 1 million fraudulent votes were accepted! They knew the ANC had thrust 1 million fake votes into the ballot boxes, but they decided to accept this, for the sake of peace. And we’re a much tinier electorate than the USA, so it will give you an idea of the scale of election rigging in 1994.

I was looking at other websites where other whites in the US are saying that there are other reasons too for failure. White I personally think election rigging is the answer, there could be contributing factors, or even concepts that might show us what happened.

Alex Linder and I will also be doing a show later this week and I’m keen to hear what Alex has found out and what he thinks.

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