2 Songs about Jews I would like to see Whites write, based on famous tunes

In the light of the South American kids with the song “I’m a NAZI girl, living in a NAZI world”. I want to mention another song I would also love to see.

re: I’m a NAZI girl in a NAZI world: I truly hope that someone will write a full, adult song, perhaps a funny one, with proper lyrics based on the original tune. I would enjoy that. And yes, whites need to laugh, and be happy and face a common enemy.

Another song I would like to see is this: “Anything Jews can do, Whites can do better”.

The song is based on the movie Annie get your gun.

In my own studies of these scum called the Jews, I think that there is nothing that Jews actually do, being the race of low quality filth that they are, that is actually difficult. I will explain this later. Jews are cowards. Jews lie a lot. Lying is for weak people with no character. Lying a LOT is a good reason to be EXPELLED FROM WHITE CIVILISATION. You cannot co-exist and work in a system when deception is the primary method of doing things. In a nutshell, every tactic of the Jews, which they are so proud of, is actually not difficult to do. To be deceptive, to operate in secrecy, to be a coward, to be a liar … this actually does not take much to do. Any weak pathetic person can stoop to such measures.

If we needed to use Jewish tactics against the Jews, it would be easy – very easy. It would hardly cause us to break out into a sweat.

Being BRAVE, fighting for your existence, giving your life for others – that takes courage. It takes a whole different kind of person. Telling the truth in the face of lies, no matter the consequences – this is hard. It requires character and a depth of honesty that Jews do not have.


Therefore, anything that a Jew can do, whites can actually do better.

We have used deception in warfare. We know how to spy. There is nothing the Jews can teach us about deception when it is needed.

So yes, anything Jews can do, whites can actually do better – IF WE WANTED TO. It is just that normally, we do not like to stoop so low. We have higher standard.

In fact, I would argue that whites strive upwards, while jews strive downwards.

There is nothing to learn from them.

I would love it if these two songs could be created properly, in the same was that other whites have created good songs. And yes, we should be able to laugh at the Jews. They are garbage. We should not even allow them into our civilisation to begin with.



2 thoughts on “2 Songs about Jews I would like to see Whites write, based on famous tunes

  • 3rd December 2019 at 7:39 am

    I like these song ideas. I think it would be fun and uplifting for whites, especially the younger ones. I actually want to collect some good songs mocking the Jews. I have about 2. But I think its great. And the Jews seem to take an exceptional dislike to songs. e.g. Alison Chabloz mocking (((survivors))). The other thing I’m loving, is the new trend of making Jews blue … like Dylann Roof suggested in his manifesto. That is genius.

    I am more convinced than ever that our people can and will awaken … and it will shake the world.

  • 3rd December 2019 at 7:22 am

    To the tune of “Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer”, how about:
    “Hymie, the hook-nosed pawnbroker”. Or, “Harvey, the hook-nosed pedophile”,
    or “Moishe, the foreskin-sucking rabbi”, or “Moses, the big-honker banker”.


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