Argentina: School Children project: I’m a Nazi Girl, in a Nazi World – A Song we need

[This is good. I'm happy to see youngsters just mocking the Jews. That's a good start. The whites were doing fine, and the teacher even liked it and gave high marks. However, then the Jews dived in with their Jewish nonsense. 

I am forming an opinion, that Jews engage in more psychological warfare against whites than we think. I'm not always certain that Jews have the full power that they pretend to have. 
This is a topic I will return to. I think Jews intimidate people, especially whites, much more than one needs to tolerate. 
I had hoped for a full versioned song, so I was disappointed by that. I am pleased that this happened in South America. I think its great. I am forming the opinion ever more, that whites would unite and agree on many many issues if it was not for Jewish interference and the Jewish prescence  in white countries. Truly, the long term goal must be to get rid of the Jews in one way or another. 
I truly hope that someone will write a full, adult song, perhaps a funny one, with proper lyrics based on the original tune. I would enjoy that. And yes, whites need to laugh, and be happy and face a common enemy. Then you'll see how good things will be for us. I think Pan European Nationalism or Pan European Racialism has tremendous possibilities. We MUST unite as a RACE. The Jews fear this more than anything. And it pleases me to see whites in South America arising. There is great hope I think for the future. Jan]

A group of Argentinan students who parodied the popular song “Barbie Girl” with their own rendition of “Nazi Girl” sparked so much Jewish outrage that their teacher ended up fired and their school was forced to apologize.

The students, who attend the private Escuela Modelo of San Juan, made the video for a history class assignment. In the video, which has since been posted online, the students are dressed as National Socialists as they sing, “I’m a Nazi girl, in a Nazi world.”

Canal 13 San Juan TV
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Sanjuaninos hicieron una parodia Nazi y el video provocó polémica e indignación en las redes sociales #SanJuan Más info

The video begins with a male student dressed as Adolf Hitler, and makes several references to what happened to the Jews in Germany. Students dressed up as Jews and homosexuals are knocked over or humiliated in the clip.

“You must behave, or you are gonna die,” the students sing in one scene, as they open up an oven. Other lyrics include, “Come on Jews, let’s go [to the] camps,” and “Come on Joseph, let’s make soap.”

The school later released a statement apologizing to the local Jewish Community Center, and other groups that were included in the video, according to The Times of Israel.

The students reportedly received 9 out of 10 points on the assignment. Local media reported the teacher in charge of the class was fired from the school.


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