2 Memes: What is the true sly Jewish aim with LGBT?


[On the social media someone posted this meme about LGBT. I totally agree with the meme below. The real goal is to make paedophilia and bestiality legal. However, there are also several other important benefits for the Jews. The Jews have all kinds of social misfits and assorted rubbish as their allies. I suspect some of it, like gays and homosexuals, allows Jews to also misuse these misfits to help destroy normal society. Jews use all sorts of misfits in their incessant war against normal, healthy, white men and women. The big thing for the Jews is to destroy white families, and to destroy the mental and physical and racial strength of normal healthy white people. So they use any means, and all these societal misfits have proved useful to them. 

It has come to my attention that the Jews have even managed to turn the kids of rich whites into leftist “warriors” against normal whites – thereby bringing in class warefare into this game which is aimed at destroying and controlling white civilisation.

I prefer the bottom meme which explains what LGBT really should be!! Jan]

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