IMPORTANT: Jan’s been hectic – And also looking for MISSING COMRADES in Denmark!

I’m just popping in to say that I’ve been hectically busy because of a certain deadline. I’ve worked through the night and will be heading to bed shortly. I’ve got 3 videos coming you way within the next 24 hours – with some new information.

There is a heck of a lot going on in South Africa… I’ve been working hard… but so have other whites… and there’s much to tell. There’s also been good stuff happening among the whites.

ALSO: If you or anyone you knew was banned from Gab … hold tight… and watch this space…

I’ve also been trying for days to get hold of comrades in Denmark and I’m struggling to find anyone. I tried to get hold of O-D-I-N and he’s not there. I’ve been trying by every conceivable means to get hold of Charlotte. And zilch… nothing…

Have bad things been happening in Denmark?

I know even white cuckolds in the USA and other places are being taken down and smashed.

But I’m desperately trying to get hold of the Danes … and there’s just nothing.


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