$1 billion fine: Alex Jones and Professor Jim Fetzer and Sandy Hook – Why didn’t Jones fight back using Fetzer’s work?

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I saw that Jim Fetzer was fighting back saying that Alex Jones had not done any good defensive work in court regarding Sandy Hook. Fetzer says that in his own book and research that he was able to prove his points about Sandy Hook.

What I have noticed is that there is no film footage about most of what has happened in court re: Alex Jones. I would have liked to watch it to assess it for myself.

I was very keen to actually see more about the Alex Jones Court cases. The next thing I know, out of nowhere, is merely the news reports that he owes $1 billion to the families. It is very weird and it has moved extremely fast.

The bits and pieces of court hearings I saw for the first case also had huge chunks missing, and then there’s the issue of how Alex Jones’ own lawyer totally sank him by handing the other side tons and tons of evidence.

The whole Alex Jones thing is weird. And for a guy who is worth over $100 million or perhaps almost worth $300 million, his legal fightback seemed to TOTALLY SUCK – from the bit I saw.

I honestly don’t know what the hell is going on there, and to me there seem to be endless amounts of loose ends.

It is interesting what Fetzer says. Fetzer is clearly the source of this entire Sandyhook theory. I looked into his history. He was in the US Military. I am IMPRESSED that he could get himself a Master’s Degree. That takes some serious work. He actually was a Professor.

So Fetzer is not stupid by any means. But it seems that Fetzer himself lost a case to one of the people whose child was killed. The name is weird and sounds almost Jewish to me.

So Jim Fetzer says that Alex Jones’s defense sucked – but Fetzer has himself LOST ALL HIS COURT CASES!!! He’s lost ALL HIS LEGAL MOVES. So that seriously shows that even HE could not present enough evidence in court to save himself.

I, frankly, never believed the stuff about Crisis Actors, etc that Jones was pushing. I looked into it once or twice and was not convinced. And I think even Fetzer’s own data clearly does not fly in court. He took it to the highest courts.

The whole thing is a mess and the Liberals are having a wild time with this. I have no idea where Alex Jones goes after this. To me it seemed as if he will end up in jail. I can’t see how he can avoid it.

As for Fetzer, if he’s any good, why didn’t he win? Now he’s attacking Jones.

This is what wikipedia says about Fetzer’s own court case:

Legal problems

Leonard Pozner, father of Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner, sued Fetzer and his co-author, Mike Palacek, for defamation in a Dane County, Wisconsin court for statements contained in Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Pozner’s son Noah, 6, was the youngest person killed during the mass shooting that left 26 people dead, including 20 children around Noah’s age. In June 2019, circuit judge Frank Remington found that Fetzer and Palacek had defamed the Pozners, with damages to be awarded at an October 2019 trial. On October 16, 2019, a jury in Wisconsin awarded Leonard Pozner $450,000 for defamation. Fetzer’s appeals were denied by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals[43] and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.[44] Fetzer’s petition for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court was denied on October 3, 2022.[45]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_H._Fetzer

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