An American who woke up to Race being Real & Jews will NOT go down without a FIGHT!


[This is what I got from a supporter, and it pertains to an American who woke up to being racially awakened. Take special note of the comments about the Japanese and Vietnamese. I had realised that many Asians just LIE! This is actually bad for civilization. What he says about the Japanese is interesting and positive. But take note of the Vietnamese. The blacks also lie. Thus the white race is the ONLY LIGHT on Earth. We are the only ones who actually cause any progress for anyone else. When we die, everyone dies. We must therefore fight tooth and nail in the coming decades. No holds barred. Whites sticking together AT ALL COST. No Surrender. No retreat. Fight like a maniac. See what he says about the Jews …  Jan]

Born to White parents who were born in the U.S.A., of proud German and proud Irish ancestry.

Lived in several states of these United States. Lived in two foreign countries: Japan and Vietnam. Learned their languages for basic conversation. They, by their group behaviors, greatly helped to wake me up to the Reality Of Race, that the races really are different — by DNA more than by learned behavior.

Examples about which I full-well know:

  1. Whites invented nearly everything we value. Inventions are made by people who are intelligent enough and honest enough to discover, record, and share knowledge for each other to build upon.
  2. Japanese people are intelligent enough and honest enough, not to invent much, but to modify and improve upon White inventions.
  3. Vietnamese generally lie to each other and to us. They invent nothing.

Consider how great our lives would be if we had been born and raised in a country controlled by our own people — as it should be — rather than controlled by jews pretending to be our own people.

Second, what I am about

I am about ending the horrendous current state of jews ruling over Whites.

If you know anything about jew history during the last 2,000 years, you know they won’t go peacefully.

They won’t volunteer to go. Not honestly, that is.

They control the levers of power, of FORCE, against us, including the leadership of the military and most of the soldiers, and including most of the police in our states, cities, and counties.

But most Whites who know about jews say NOTHING in public and say little to nothing on the job. That’s because they’re afraid of losing their jobs and a whole lot more. This means that the jews don’t know the who and where of many of us — and neither do we.

And that means, when the bullets start flying, we will have help from all of those who can. And more will come out of the woodwork when they think it’s safe enough to do so.

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