WW2: The Germans almost defeated the whole world…


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[One of my supporters gets it, when you look at the facts regarding WW2. The Germans came so close to defeating the world. Now that I've read a lot of German military memoirs from the highest ranking Generals to other Generals who were specialists, like Hermann Balck or Von Mellenthin , I want to tell you the Germans came so close to smashing everyone. Even when everything was stacked against them, some of their officers were so insanely incredible that they were still winning battles and they still had not run out of ideas. Jan]

He wrote:
Absolutely right Jan ! I also came to this conclusion years ago, when I discovered the gigantic amount of equipment, money, and food that was given to the Soviet Union by the USA alone, and the UK also gave them stuff (something not mentioned in my History class, at School). Like you said, there is NO DOUBT Germany would have defeated the USSR, if it had not received MASSIVE assistance from (mainly, but not exclusively) the USA.

I replied to the follower:
In fact, now that I’ve read a lot more German Officer memoirs – I tell you the Germans nearly won ANYWAY.

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