WW2: Hitler’s reply to Roosevelt’s letter


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Someone sent me this. As always, you’ll find that Hitler was very lucid and logical. Roosevelt was surrounded by lots of communist Jews – probably the most who ever surrounded a US President.

What I am not sure of is the apparent translation of Roosevelt to Rosenfeld. I don’t know how reliable that is. If anyone has more info on it, then I’m interested. But he did marry his cousin and she was a real Jewish hag.

Here’s the note:

Hitler’s reply to Roosevelt’s letter:
"The fact has obviously escaped Mr Roosevelt’s
notice that Palestine at present is occupied not
by German troops but by the English; and that
the country is undergoing restriction of liberty
by the most brutal resort to force, is being
robbed of its independence and is suffering
the cruellest of maltreatment for the benefit
of Jewish interlopers." – Adolf Hitler, 28 April, 1939
Speech to the Reichstag in response to an impudent
critique sent to the Reich by the U.S. President

Q. How "Roosevelt" translates from Dutch back into German?
A. Rosenfeld.

Undoubted but ‘forbidden’ historical fact:
The Jew Roosevelt green-lit Pearl Harbor

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