Whites: KEEP DRIVING FORWARD: Lessons from the Romans, Germany, French & Rhodesia

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[This is from an email I wrote to Jim Rizoli and others. Jan]

So many things to catch up on and it all looks so good. Thanks Jim. I’m going to try and watch some of these videos. They really look so interesting. It is fascinating the output of our people. We might not have billions of dollars … but through sweat and initiative we’re punching well above our weight level and it’s taking billionaires and corporations to try to stop us all.

In Between all the things I do, I try and read and study more … and I’ve done some studying of the final years of Germany and Rhodesia. The final years are always the most depressing to study. It’s so depressing because the whites get overloaded with enemies and no matter how hard they try they are losing ground to some extent. I was even reading Rudel’s biography and other stuff about the Hitler Youth. I must tell you, that the Germans are the best example of how to behave when things are going wrong. Never once did the Germans stop trying. There was no depression. Just everyone fighting, and after every defeat, they just reorganise and keep on fighting. It never stops. No matter how hopeless they all just kept going. Hitler himself and all the others, constantly just making new plans, reassessing. Rudel made for very interesting study and the Hitler Youth were incredible. Rudel made an interesting observation. He said that every time the Germans retreated in Russia that the retreat and giving way resulted in massive losses for the Soviets. That’s the first time I’ve heard of that and am fascinated by it. I am studying as much as I can inbetween creating new stuff, and the Romans are of great interest to me, because I feel that NOBODY has truly explained why the Romans were so successful. I did realise some time ago that the Romans, also were NEVER DEPRESSED. NEVER. In one of the greatest defeats in all of military history, the Romans lost their entire army, almost to a man at Cannae. The Romans MADE IT ILLEGAL to cry in public. The Romans immediately raised new armies and went and fought on. Hannibal, who by the way was a genius white man, was the greatest enemy the Romans ever faced and defeating was exceptionally difficult and it took the Romans 14 years to crush him. But the Romans just kept on at it. They never quit. Even Napoleon’s final days make for some fascinating reading. Long before Waterloo, in the campaign of 1814, Napoleon was facing an enormous european army. He had enormous losses due to the Russian campaign and 1813. A campaign of Napoleon that I found truly fascinating in those dark times for him was the campaign of 1814. It was like the Germans in 1945. The odds were immense and unbelievable. Yet, in the face of the absolute impossible, at a point Napoleon actually chased a really big allied army back. The French determination was like that of Hitler. But I think Hitler did a fantastic job of mobilising his entire society down to the boys and girls. It makes for unbelievable reading that little German boys aged 12 were destroying Soviet tanks and winning the Iron Cross.

Returning to the Romans, I think I finally grasp what made the Romans so good, and I want to discuss it in a video. But the Romans were something else altogether. The Romans in a nutshell never accepted victory as anything BUT NORMAL. If the Roman lost, they regarded it either as the Gods punishing them, or that it was a MISTAKE which needed to be corrected. The Romans believed that victory for them was natural. That for them, victory is as normal as water running downhill. And if they lost then they say, in effect, this flies in the face of logic. We should be winning … The Romans had a self confidence in them that was unmatched until the time of Hitler. Now Hitler of course was a total fan of the Roman Empire and their approach.

Even in the final days of Rhodesia, the Rhodesians went wilder and wilder. Our military did its greatest work right in the final 2-3 years. That’s when all the stops were pulled out and the Rhodesian army was at its finest.

I don’t know enough of the US Civil war to comment in detail, but I am well aware of the determination of the southernerner even whenever they were short of weapons, short of supplies and always outnumbered.

Our most successful people in history have always been very determined, and setbacks and problems did not get them down.

Our actual history is not one where things just fall into place for us. Our determination is really our thing. But the most important take-away from the Germans and Romans especially is the belief in yourself and your side and your own superiority and a total rejection of failure as a reason to stop and quit. Failure, defeat, problems … are no reason at all to quit.

We are a determined people, but having self-confidence and a belief in ourselves and our cause is important. As a people SETBACKS have never stopped us. Our entire history is one of struggle and renewing the struggle. I think our pagan ancestors turned it into a mode of life, that it is EXPECTED OF EVERYONE TO DO HIS BEST. Their value system was such that it was incumbent on each person that he must pull finger and do his utmost.

It is very possible that here on the internet in this age of being beaten down on, that we’re re-learning these same determined lessons that have served our forefathers so very well for 40,000+ years.

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