Whites: Get ready for RACE WAR: Do the Boogaloo… How to do the Boogaloo…


As always the younger whites are amazing. On the social media I was introduced to the concept of The Boogaloo. This is what whites are calling the next “civil war” (race war actually) that’s coming to America. I’m not going to go into the history of this. But this is yet another great concept to come out of the USA.

Here are the words from the song. I now want to get a copy of the song:

The white supremacist (and accelerationist) group Feuerkrieg Division recently posted a song about a race-war boogaloo to its official Telegram channel. A sampling of the lyrics makes its thrust clear:

Do the Boogaloo!

Kill the kikes, and save the whites

Come on, it’s time to go!

Do the Boogaloo!

Plug a pig, and then a Yid

Let’s do the Boogaloo, all together now!

Here were some of my comments on the social media on some of my thoughts of how we whites can prepare for a GLOBAL Boogaloo.

I wrote:

This was fantastic. I did quite a bit of digging into this and even read ADL stuff about it. Its astounding. Whites are going to rock and roll. I was astounded and UTTERLY DELIGHTED by young white girls and women and their views on Brendon Tarrant and his shooting. The girls might even be the worst racists. Once the girls get broody & they want their babies, they won’t give a shit. They want their white babies to LIVE. Great potential here. LET’S DO THE BOOGALOO … altogether now!

I love this. Am posting it on my sites. We must work towards race war as a long term goal… slowly ramping things up. Take your time. No rush … We need to PUSH against our enemies … many GOOD THINGS will come from this.

I will discuss more about ways in which whites can slowly and gently prepare themselves for a race war … a global race war … to take white nations back. We’re going to take the entire Western World back!


2 thoughts on “Whites: Get ready for RACE WAR: Do the Boogaloo… How to do the Boogaloo…

  • 16th January 2020 at 11:12 am

    A race war is a white fools game, a jew’s game. This follows the protocols to the letter, goyim killing goyim with the jew supplying the ammunition. In a race war both sides lose and the jew wins.
    The only “race” war should be all races taking out the jew. Until you eliminate the jew from the earth all races lose and the jew gains more absolute power.
    Once you eliminate the jew, the various races can work things out without killing each other because of jew propaganda keeping the races at each others throats. A total separation of the races can be worked out after the jew goes bye bye.forever.
    Whites and other races need to stay on target, the jew, and stop killing each other to make the jew wealthy and eliminating goy enemies for him, just what he wants.
    Look at ALL the past wars, whites fighting whites, hundreds of millions killed for the jew, and making the jew wealthy in the process. Whites killing other goyim (Arabs, Asiatics, Niggers, Indians,etc) for the jew. How dumb can whites be? Civil Wars and World Wars have decimated the whtie gene pool and only the jew wins.
    Yes, a “race” war is a jew’s war. Don’t be suckered in Whitey. Stay on target.

  • 15th January 2020 at 9:55 pm

    Jim Croce had a song back in 1973 called The Top Hat Bar & Grill where he refers to fighting as dancing on someone else:

    Well, at the Top Hat Bar and Grille
    They got this bouncer named Magill (Irish name)
    He is a honky tonky
    Heavily funky…………. ex-marine
    He wear dem (them-with East Coast Philadelphia accent) skintight body builder shirts (shirts= shoits in Philly accent)
    And Jack, he’ll knock you out into the dirt (dirt = doit in Philadelphia accent)
    But if you’ve got you no money or you try to get funny
    Then mother you gonna see
    That man gonna do the boogie woogie
    He gonna do the boogaloo
    He gonna do the hootchie cootchie
    And he’ll be doin’ all his dancin’ on you


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