Whites! Are we going to get another BOOST!?!? Will Military people begin standing up?

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I’m wondering, but in my heart, really HOPING… that Whites in the Military might just begin doing what the Doctors, Nurses and Scientists have been doing … and that is starting to confront the system.

This would be a huge BOON I tell you.

This would be FANTASTIC.

As I strongly suspected, COVID did indeed do wonders for us … it made Doctors and Nurses just lose their shit and Scientists came out and just tore the system to shreds. This has been FANTASTIC… with a BIG GLOBAL EFFECT.

But can this disgusting loss of Afghanistan, end up triggering the MILITARY?

At the end of the day, all Whites … ALL WHITES WITHOUT EXCEPTION … are adults, and they feel a sense of personal satisfaction and PRIDE in their work. Deep down, in our European Race, we like to feel we take our RESPONSIBILITIES IN OUR WORK SERIOUSLY.

When I was a computer programmer or I did Systems Analysis, I was the same. I’m a small cog in a big wheel, but I take my job SERIOUSLY.


I think people will get sick of being played by Jews and assorted bags of shit who managed to get to the top of the disgusting systems.

Maybe … if we’re lucky … military types will be so OUTRAGED that they will be perceived to be the FAILURES and the CLOWNS who lost the Afghan war … that they will come out and defend themselves and point the fingers where they need to be pointed.

This one Marine Officer who is about to resign and who has said he will take down the whole system … Now let’s hope this happens, and that he is just the beginning of this.


I have noticed … THE SCUM FLOAT TO THE TOP… and in this so-called Modern World, the garbage are now the "Elite". And they have been playing us, and abusing us endlessly.

I really liked the way COVID really turned things on its head. Those Scientists, Doctors and Nurses, really came out fighting in a wonderful European way. Our people believe in TRUTH and REALITY. This is our most wonderful feature.

I’m telling you, the White Soldier has been lied to, and abused, second to none. He’s fought and died for and taken wounds for causes that don’t even benefit his own offspring.

There’s not a White soldier in the Western world who has not been abused and maltreated by the SCUM Globalist, anti-White, Jew-loving garbage who get to hold the levers of real power.

It is beyond insanity, what the Western world has degenerated to. The top is TOTALLY ROTTEN … TOTALLY CORRUPT … disgusting and White-hating.

Of course, Jews are behind all this.

I would love to see the Military standing up and telling us WHAT REALLY WENT ON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

I’m sure there is a REAL STORY TO BE REVEALED. And you’ll find these clowns and corrupt garbage… WHO WERE IN CONTROL WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FAILURES.

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