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[This is from a discussion I was having with an American lady I've known for a long time. I was talking about Americans and South Africans I know and how wonderful they were racially and in telling the truth but when they died their children didn't want anything to do with them. This happened with my first, very awesome American supporter, JoAn Wilcox. Jan]

The American lady replied:
Yes thats awful about JoAn and other people. Theres a family here quite well off even though they don’t live high. Their children have rejected their own inheritance and choose to live like —well, in the worst places even though they don’t have to. The parents beg them to come home. They are in their 20’s and the world tells them they should be on their own and their "friends" are charging them rent, and using them.. The parents had to cut them off til they choose to live at home. They aren’t bothering to get married. Its a sad situation. Parents paid for their college, bought them each a car, bought a house that they would inherit. If there had been weddings, parents would have helped them a lot and helped them buy houses. But no, they don’t want it. And the parents can’t let the kids in the house or they will take family treasures and sell them.

I replied:
Whites need to seriously begin taking control of their children. The ENEMY is working on propagandising the White kids, setting their values and putting them under powerful peer pressure.

I’m beginning to seriously think that mothers at home and home schooling over the Internet is critical – even to a university level. There are freaking Jews, communists and Liberals infesting all education and propagandising kids.

It’s insane.

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