White male to save South Africa’s Collapsing Electricity system … on the brink – My Comments


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[Notice how, now that we're in deep shit, and we're in Stage 6 of “load shedding' (rolling blackouts – many areas having even more than one blackout per day), that they now appoint a WHITE MALE as the CEO of Eskom. 

Watch as whites save stupid Eskom, our national electricity provider, and then afterwards, the thankless blacks will get rid of him and start their nonsense again. When will whites learn to STOP SAVING THIS COUNTRY? Let it implode. that is the only path to sanity and it is the best path to saving ourselves. 
25 years of sucking up to blacks, liberals and Jews is buying us nothing. Jan]

The EFF rejects the anti-transformation and racist appointment of Eskom’s new CEO, Andre de Ruyter, and we are disgusted by the continued obliteration of Africans in key state-owned enterprises. The appointment of Ruyter is irrational, shameful, a clear demonstration of deliberate intent to collapse Eskom to rationalise privatisation of South Africa’s most important strategic assets at the hands of people, and does not come as a surprise. His appointment is part of a racist project led by Pravin Gordhan to undermine Africans.

Source: https://www.politicsweb.co.za/opinion/raceballs-20-bumper-edition

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