Whenever Americans fear their army is useless… I just laugh…

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I chuckle whenever I see people worrying that the US Military is useless. I notice with interest how everyone in the world views the sizes of armies. Meanwhile, the reality is, that modern armies and military are actually VERY TINY given the population sizes of the nations. It’s possible that military forces have never been smaller compared to the populations.

And NO, this is not because of science. This is a silly trend and it does not mean that a nation like America can be wiped out.

In the most important and deadly weapons, like nukes, America has insane technology far in advance of what anyone else has.

But even in normal combat, the USA spends more on its military and is the most militarised nation on the planet.

Anyone who thinks that America is under threat from some other nation is not thinking straight. America is the most dangerous nation in the world.

And even if the quality of the military has dropped, the science and technology that is behind the US Military is just incredible. It’s like science fiction.

I will be happy to see more White nations arming up. It’s good. We need to get out of this shopping mall mentality.

But never believe that either Russia or China will destroy the USA. That’s not possible.

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