What Whites on the White Right should do with Russians: TEACH THEM OUR RACIAL HISTORY – RACIALISE RUSSIANS – NAZIFY THEM!


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The more I think about the Russians, and what I know of them, and my limited interactions with them, I’m telling you, Russians are the dumbest Whites. They know the least about their history of coming from us. The Russians for example have a strong Nordic/Scandanavian/Viking history, yet they see themselves as RUSSIANS.

I once even engaged a Russian about being "white". The Russian did not even know that they were WHITE. They did not even know what White was. The Russians think they are Russian. They don’t think about race.

I’ve spoken to other Whites who were under Soviet rule, like Whites who were in Bulgaria. They know nothing about race and they are against "racism". Jewish Communism like Jewish Liberalism hid away the face of RACE.

The Russians need to LEARN their real history. They need to LEARN about race and the reality of race and they need to learn that they are our brothers and sisters and that we must work together.

That’s the real solution to this Russian problem.

Teach them to love their race, intermarry with their race and that they should be aligned with the rest of their race.

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