What has Jan been up to this week? EXCELLENT VERY BAD NEWS!!!


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This is just a bit of feedback on my activities this week.

This week I had a few meetings.

I am struggling a bit with donations and income and would welcome donations from folks. I have been doing some things also to try and help alleviate the income problem in some of these meetings.

I had some fascinating meetings this week which I need to update you on.

A big breakthrough also this last week is firm proof that Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, the greatest leader of South Africa WAS A FIRM NAZI. So in effect, there is a Hitler2 who actually ruled South Africa. My Boer NAZI pal played a big role in confirming and discovering this. This is huge. This also explains many things including his death.

I also heard some inside info which shows me that some Boers are actually doing some really excellent things especially in defending whites. I cannot reveal the inside detail, but I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of what they were doing. VERY.

Also, among the excellent info I am hearing is that these Boers are taking a long term view of our survival and how to build up our own people … and I was very pleased with what I heard. I LIKE LONG TERM VIEWS AND A LONG TERM APPROACH.

It takes us away from those who are waiting for Van Rensburg prophecies to come true. I don’t believe in the prophecies themselves, but what I do like about them is their MESSAGE … a message of Boers and whites standing up and fighting for themselves and expanding their power in Africa and also large numbers of whites coming to live among us. I don’t believe in prophecies, nor time lines, but I do like the MESSAGE – the concept of what lies in these “prophecies”. I will explain more about this later.

I’m also busy teaching people here, and some people are listening to me and I’m very grateful for that.

But the best thing this week was when I had a meeting with 2 investment analysts – who are normally very liberal. They also showed me some excellent charts which I want all of you to see.

Eventually, I got one of them to relax, and we had a straight white-on-white-survival talk.

Oh boy! The stuff that came out of there was fantastic.

But if you know me, then you’ll know that I’m a firm believer that BAD IS WORSE.

And boy was there bad news … bad bad bad ….

But not the bad news that means extermination.

It also seems to me that globalism – Jewish globalism – is starting to fall apart. The analysts spoke a lot about Trump’s trade war and China and it confirmed what an American with financial connections told me. Trump’s trade war may be the best thing he’s doing – even though he’s very weak and pathetic on the wall and he’s extremely useless with regard to putting Hillary Clinton the communist in jail.

But my discussion with the investment analysts is something I want to put out shortly. DO NOT MISS IT. It will also show you world wide stuff.

I had a very deep discussion with them about the USA, China and Europe and South Africa.

Very interesting info.

Our private medical companies in South Africa might collapse and we might lose our best white doctors and specialists. Its the worst news … but somehow we will have to bite the bullet.


The whites here are also coming right bit by bit …



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