Wasted many hours on software updates for HistoryReviewed – Also my new shop


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Just a note, that today I was buggering around and wasting time when I was making some important updates on HistoryReviewed – software that I had been testing out on AfricanCrisis and elsewhere and making changes to, before putting on HR.

I did some foolish things and ended up wasting several hours before sorting it out.

The plus is that I learned some important technical things, so it was not all lost. But most frustrating and I only had myself to blame.

So its sorted out and done.

I also was updating the same software on my new shop for whites. This is a big step forward. It means that before long I can begin launching my little shop. I’m not going to put much more into it. I will instead launch it soon so that at least it is online. Then I’ll add products bit by bit.

I’m glad I’ve finally got this stuff done. It was pretty complex but very very important. It will help me a lot in dealing with people.

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