Was Nick Spero of Renegade poisoned by the Jews?


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I’ve put up The Great Jewish Mask Part 5 again, which was an excellent summary with Nick Spero of Renegade Tribune.

And the topic again came up about whether there was something maliciously Jewish about his death. Dion Wherewolf and I both thought it suspicious. I think even Kyle Hunt did. Some other comments from the video, by guys who watched it:

One guy wrote:
He died on my birthday. He was a good online associate of mine…

I replied:
Wow. I’m sorry to hear that. I liked him a lot. I used to chat a lot to him on Twitter. This was the only interview we did. I think his death is weird. I’ve wondered if Jews do some opportunistic stuff. When you see how Stephen Goodson of the SA Reserve Bank (our Fed) died in SA… also weird stuff in hospital and… they were ready to cremate his body without his family’s permission! But a friend of his stopped the hospital … then I wonder whether some people are killed opportunistically. I never trust these scum. Nick is in Valhalla brother!

Another guy wrote:
Nick did some good shows on Renegade. Especially bringing the truth out about Benghazi and Libya. I find his death suspicious, but I did have a friend who died the exact same way. He had pneumonia then had a heart attack

I replied:
I’m always watching to see if any of our people are being murdered by (((you know who))). I’m very suspicious, especially of poisoning. (((Soviet Union))) invented a poison long ago that could simulate a heart attack. Even in S.Africa I’ve been suspicious for example as to whether PW Botha was poisoned on one or more occasions. I trust nothing. Among black communists and wherever Jews are, poisoning is a nice, gentle way of murdering off people without much fan fare, especially if it looks like it was just a health issue. Nick Spero, of Renegade, was pretty young, and in the photos I’ve seen of him he does not look unhealthy. I had a sister, my oldest sister, who was christian and annorexic. Her mind was totally screwed up. She had pneumonia dozens of times, landing in hospital on multiple occasions and she only died of it finally at the age of 56. She was pretty when she was young, but so impressionable, and it ruined her life totally. This is also why men need to be a barrier between the outside world and our women to protect them from all kinds of nonsense. I think our women are too fragile due to their evolution for home making and now in the wider world where Jews, blacks, etc are functioning its messing with the girls’ heads and ruining their lives. We white men must be the barrier and the filter.

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