I have received word from my supporters that some of my bitchute videos are not available in some countries. The blocking is back in parts of Europe. But I’m not sure which countries.

This is one of the notes I got:

Off topic but of importance.

I can no longer view your bitchute channel unless I use xxxxxxxxx

With regard to the above note from one of my supporters:

If you are experiencing any problems viewing my videos either on Bitchute, GoyimTV or on my websites or anywhere, then let me know.

I have been looking for new places to leave my videos with no success. We looked at LBRY but it does not seem to allow the posting of videos.

GoyimTV functions by using links to Bitchute, so if Bitchute has problems then GoyimTV is affected. I noticed for example, on the latest videos I posted on GoyimTV that GoyimTV’s software, which imports the Bitchute info, if coming up with a blank screen and also its unable to import the video title. This has been happening for a while now, and I could not understand it. It might be that Jews have gone to Bitchute and are putting legal threats and pressure on Bitchute. I am certain that Bitchute, of their own accord, would NEVER engage in any kind of censorship. So it can only be legal threats behind the scenes that are working on Bitchute. That’s the most likely possibility. UNLESS, there is the other possibility that Government software is at work in Europe. That needs to be looked at.

I am not sure how sophisticated or powerful the Government/Military/Police systems in Europe are and whether they can stop people viewing videos on Bitchute? Thus, my first suspicion is that maybe Jews are busy harrassing Bitchute from behind the scenes, and that the software changes made on Bitchute are thus having an impact on GoyimTV. This is sad.

Bitchute has been the most incredible thing to come out of the white right. It’s been amazing.

You should be able to watch my videos on my websites regardless of which country you are in.

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