WARNING: Can the Boers/Whites win again in South Africa and be FREE again?


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[This is a note I wrote to someone who does shows in SA. Jan]

I wrote this to someone who runs a Christian show here in South Africa:

I have a good supporter in one of our bigger cities here in SA. Recently he was spreading my book to his supporters. And he sent them this: "Jan Lamprecht, NOT for the faint hearted."

I want to warn all of you that all these silly thoughts about the ANC being beaten in an election – is nonsense.

It won’t happen.

None of the solutions are easy, but anything is possible, if we all put our backs into it.

I see many possibilities for hope, but ALL require EFFORT, HARD WORK, RISK and ultimately combat and intense political/military struggle.

History teaches that ANYTHING is possible for the BOLD and the BRAVE. Either the Bold and Brave become FREE or they DIE trying.

But those are the ONLY times that anyone EVER is FREE.

That is how history works. It ALWAYS works that way and it NEVER works any other way.

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