Waffen SS: Otto Skorzeny: Midnight Tea with Hitler… His politeness to his secretaries!

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When Otto Skorzeny got his awards and time in the limelight due to his excellent rescue of Mussolini, he got to speak to and meet lots of people at the top of the NAZI party. Hitler phoned Skorzeny personally to congratulate him for his excellent work and to impress upon him how important it was for Hitler. Hitler even asked to speak to Skorzeny’s wife so that he could tell her how pleased he was with the feat her husband pulled off. Hitler told Skorzeny that this would go down in history.

Later, Skorzeny was invited to have midnight tea with Hitler!! It turns out that midnight tea with Hitler is an important little ritual. You might not be aware of this but Hitler was a real late night owl and he never went to bed before midnight. He could even work until the early hours of the morning.

Skorzeny commented on getting to have midnight tea with Hitler. It turns out that Hitler’s secretaries were also there. Skorzeny noted that Hitler did not treat them as his employees. It is as if Hitler treated his secretaries as his equals. Skorzeny was clearly impressed with the way Hitler dealt with the young ladies who worked for him. Skorzeny said that Hitler even kissed their hands.

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