Vox Day’s many, many, many mistakes regarding Trump… & his association with JEWS!


Just a quick note. In the first #TeamWhite show of 2021, Alex Linder mentioned Vox Day and how wrong he was regarding Trump at the end. Vox Day was constantly believing right to the end that Trump was playing 3D or 4D chess and he got it totally wrong.

I made an interesting discovery about Vox Day. I know he’s not racial and probably not even fully White – nor do I really care. An South African friend of mine who lives in the UK is a huge fan of Vox Day and believes Vox is the future. So he was always lecturing me about how advanced and clever Vox Day is. Well, apparently … NOT!

I’ve never really taken Vox Day too seriously, but seeing at Vox media is huge, I thought I need to look a bit into them. I found that Vox was co-founded with a Jew Ezra Klein. That Jew is now a columnist at the (Jewish) New York Times.

I found videos where the Jewish scumbag Klein was talking about Trump back in 2016. He HATED TRUMP. He hated him and said many nasty things about him. I must say, it was nice to see older videos of Trump. He was much more fun back then and more confident of himself. Anyway, this Jew was whining onwards like a grown child about Trump and violence, etc. One of his videos looks really bad, in terms of predictions about Trump 4 years later!

I did not know that Vox’s top guy was a Jew. This is like the Anglin and the Daily Stormer and his Jew Weev.

But returning to 2016, Vox was in quite a love-fest with Obama when Obama was the President. And Vox was totally against Trump back in 2016. So he did a 180 degree turn on Trump between 2016 to 2020. And he was wrong on all occasions.

But the Jew Ezra Klein is interesting to watch as he tries to knock Trump. This is a good example of some Jewish thinking.

I smile at Vox and I think to myself that people like him don’t have the real sophistication and maturity that you need in order to truly understand modern politics.

I also was not aware that Vox had swayed so much in terms of his politics in such short periods of time. That’s not a good sign.

And clearly the Jew Klein no doubt had a big influence too.

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