Video: Weird Secretive Jewish meddling in the Schaefer Trial in Germany – Paul Fromm & Jan


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I’m very concerned about the lack of information coming out about the trial of the Schaefers in Germany. Information is scant and bad.

There are weird things going on, as if the Jews and German authorities are trying to make this trial secret and hide it from public and international view.

I spoke to Paul Fromm in Canada about this trial and what he knows about it. He also discussed the important role of the Jewish B’nai B’rith. They were pressing for Hate laws in Canada as far back as the 1930s. He discussed the role of the Canadian Jewish Congress in events there. He discusses the deportation of Ernst Zundel.

Paul says that it is the Jewish ADL who are behind the ludicrous meme of: “Diversity is our Strength”.

He also discusses the filthy Canadian leader, Trudeau who is anti-white and hates white people and hates the white race.

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